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k - 12 EDUcation

Here are some reasons why K-12 schools need a technology curriculum:

  • Digital literacy: In a world that is increasingly digital, students need to develop digital literacy skills, which include the ability to use technology to communicate, access and evaluate information, and solve problems.

  • Future job prospects: As technology continues to advance, many jobs that currently exist may become obsolete, and new jobs will emerge. Therefore, students need to be exposed to technology in K-12 to prepare them for future job prospects.

  • Increased engagement: Technology can increase student engagement and motivation. Using technology in the classroom can make learning more interactive, fun, and relevant.

  • Improved teaching and learning: Technology can enhance teaching and learning by providing access to a wide range of educational resources and tools that can help students learn in new and innovative ways.

  • Digital citizenship: A technology curriculum can teach students how to be responsible digital citizens by promoting safe and ethical behavior online, including cyberbullying, privacy, and security.

  • In summary, a technology curriculum in K-12 schools is necessary to equip students with the digital literacy skills they need to succeed in the future, improve teaching and learning, increase student engagement, and promote responsible digital citizenship.

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